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At the cottage, we offer a service in which books can be submitted to the store on consignment. When a book is sold that belonged to you, you would in turn receive a portion of that sell.

Consignment Terms:

1. Books must be brought to the Home School Cottage in one or more containers or bags which are not too heavy for us to move. Your name and phone number should be clearly printed on each container, and the containers must be able to be left at the Cottage.

2. Items given to Home School Cottage to sell must be left a minimum of ONE YEAR from original contract, as book sales are seasonal.

3. If you choose to remove any books BEFORE the ONE YEAR contract is up, the book or books must be PURCHASED at WHATEVER PRICE IS ON THE BOOK.


4. Any items held on consignment that are not sold within one year will be donated.


5. Sales are totaled at the end of the month and 50% deducted; the remaining 50% will be available for PICKUP on or after the first Friday of the following month.


6. If you live one hour or more away, we will mail you a check QUARTERLY or when the amount is equal to at least $25. A charge of $1.50 will be deducted for any check mailed. (Amount owed less than $25 will be rolled over to the next quarter.)

7. We are not responsible for loss due to theft, fire or flood.

8. We are here to serve the home school community. One way we serve is by providing you a way to sell your used curriculum and purchase other curriculum at a reduced price. If you have questions or concerns about anything please let us know immediately so we may address it promptly. We want to work together with you to help each other and to serve others. Thank you for being a part of our home school family.

9. When bringing in your books to sale remember:

        Good condition.
        Old editions must have everything (complete set).

You will see lots of changes at the store. Every month we are trying to add something new to our books or our toy store. If you have any suggestions or have found      something awesome, let us know! We are making every effort to get organized, find out what is new, offer counseling for new homeschooling parents, and constantly come up with new ideas. We want to thank all of you who have been so encouraging and patient.




    P.S.- If there is anything else you would like to see on our website please E-Mail us at



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