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Gifts at The Cottage

The Cottage carries a wide variety of products.

We carry such products as...

     *Melissa & Doug puzzles,wooden block sets, wooden dolls, and many other toys.

     *Horse and Unicorn ride and play sticks.

     *Bead sets for girls

     *Tea cup play sets for girls

     *Dress and Play uniforms

     *Gardening tools, gloves, and watering cans

     *Wooden bench tool play set for boys

     *Mops and Brooms

     *Art Supplies such as paints, scissors, drawing paper and more

     *Puppet Theater and puppets

     *Mary Englebright tea sets, placks, and more

     *Burts Bee products

Take a step back in time with our featured selection of old world nostalgic toys. These classic are sure to please any little boy and girl. The toys are durable and will last for decades.

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