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The clubs at The Cottage are really unique. Each club meets once a month. The students who attend engage in a wide variety of hands on projects. Many of our clubs are designed to enhance the creativity of each student. For more information on how your child can be apart of these clubs or if your interested in starting a club, please call us at 985-639-0104.

Comic Club

Comic Book Club is a club for jr. and sr. high students who love to draw and  have a creative imagination for writing.  We have the very talented Comic Book Artist, Joe Badon, who works with the students through the process of creating their very own comic book and publishing it.

Cost: $85.00

We are now offering Comic Book Workshops for elementary students who are interested. The workshops will be October 20th and February 23rd from 10-1pm.

The cost is $95.00 for one or $155.00 for both. Students will complete a comic book at the end of workshop. Supplies and snacks are included.


For more information about this club, please contact

The Cottage at 985-643-0104.

Girls Club

Girls Club is a club for girls who want to come together, create, learn, and have fun.

The club meets runs for 8 weeks and is once a month. It is designed for girls of all ages. Contact The Cottage for more information at 985-643-0104.


Cost: $85.00

Science Club

Science Club is designed to be a hands-on experience for students. Professor Darla will help students explore a new adventure in the world of science.  The goal of science club is to get students excited about learning in the field of science.

Science Club will meet the first Friday of every month from 10:30-12:30 pm.  Science Club is designed for grades K-4 through 6th.   

For more information, contact The Cottage at 985-643-0104.

Cost: $85.00

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