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Acorns to Oaks is a non-profit organization that provides tutoring services for any grade level for most core subjects as well as ACT testing services for high school students.

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Private Tutoring


We do offer private tutoring for our educational community. Whether you are in public school, private school, or a homeschooler, we are here to help your child overcome those areas of struggle in learning by offering tutoring sessions.
If you are in need of Tutoring, please contact us at
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Out of the Box is an enrichment program offered to homeschoolers through our tutoring services.

Here are a few things to know:


     * You must be registered with your state through their homeschool education policies in order to enroll.

     * You must remember that this is a tutoring service. It does not take the place of homeschooling. It simply enhances what you, the parent, are doing at home.

     * You, the parent, are responsible for keeping up with your child's grades and progress or lack there of. You must contact the tutor if you are not receiving this information.

     * The program is Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30-12:30.

     * Lunch is not provided.  You may send a snack with your child, however, we ask that you do not send them with a lunch.

     * All students must report to class immediately upon arrival for the safety of the child.

More rules are covered in the Course Catalog. If you not received this when you enrolled, please ask the front desk in The Cottage.

Thank You,

Acorns to Oaks Staff

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